Public Infrastructure Department

The Public Infrastructure Department of the Council in accordance with section 50 of the Local Government Act 2011 is responsible inter-alia, for the construction, care, maintenance, improvement and lighting of all public roads (except classified roads which fall under the responsability of the Road Development Authority), the management and improvement of public places and buildings and also assets belonging to the Council as morefully described below.

Construction/Maintenance of Roads

a) Roads (Non Classified)

1) Patching, upgrading, reshaping, resurfacing and construction of roads.

2) Provision and maintenance of traffic signs and road humps/ road marking.
b) Drains (along/across non classified roads)
(1) Repair of drains generally following torrential rain.

(2) Repair of broken slabs and metal gratings.

(3) Construction of new drains

(4) Covering of existing open drains

(5) Cleaning of drains


(c) Street Lighting

(1) Repair of burnt out lamps/bulbs

(2) Reporting and follow up of blackouts

(3) Repair of damaged/burnt out cables

(4) Provision of new street lanterns

(5) Lighting of Council buildings and public gardens

(6) Lighting of volleyball pitches, football and other grounds


(d) Street Name Plates

(1) Placing of new plates

(2) Repair and maintenance of existing ones.

Other Infrastructure

(1) Construction and maintenance of football grounds, cloakrooms, basketball and volleyball pitches and boulodrome

(2) Construction and maintenance of children playgrounds, green spaces and bus shelters.

2. Implementation of Major Capital Projects

The Public Infrastructure Department is also involved in the implementation of major capital projects.
3. Recommendation to Permits & Business Monitoring Committee
Engineers of the Public Infrastructure Department are also requested to submit their views and recommendations regarding the structural aspects of buildings and civil infrastructure, road infrastructure including street lighting for morcellement and permits for electric motors.

4. Morcellement

Clearances for structural details for drains/roads and street lighting.

5. Other Services offered by the Department

The department also provides the following services namely:

a) Supply and fixing of flags and poles for official ceremonies and social/religious activities which have been duly authorised by the Council. This service is offered against payment of a fixed deposit.

6. Wayleaves for excavation along non-classified roads

Prior to undertaking any works along roads falling under the purview of the Council (non-classified roads) authorisation of the Council has to be sought. Wayleaves are granted mainly to services provided by the Central Electricity Board, Mauritius Telecom, Central Water Authority.
Members of the public who, due to unavailability of space and have to undertake a private function viz wedding ceremony wishing to use part of the road or whole road may apply to the Council for authorisation to do so against payment of appropriate fees.
The following table summarises the information regarding services offered by the Council together with details of fees charged where applicable as well as contact persons.

Responsibilities /Services provided by Council

Fees Applicable – for wayleave is Rs 500/m2 on untarred roads and on road reserves
and Rs 1500/m2 on asphalted roads and reinforced concrete roads

Contact Person

(a) Complaints regarding lighting

Register complaint at Complaint Desk, Black River District Council’s Head Office

Mr Y.Matao

Tel: 401-3100

Hot Line:452-1502
(b) Request for new lanterns

Chairman Village Council

Address letter of request to the Chairman Village Council
(c) Complaints regarding roads and drains

Register complaint at Complaint Desk, Black River District Council’s Head Office

Mr Y.Matao

Tel: 401-3100

Hot Line:452-1502
(d) Request for construction of New Roads and Drains

Address letter of request to the Chief Executive, Black River District Council’s Head Office
(e) Request for wayleave for excavation along non-classified roads

Rs 1500/m2 on tarred roads and Rs 500/m2 for untarred roads or on road reserve

Address correspondence for request for wayleaves to the Chief Executive, Black River District Council’s Head Office
(f) Request for authorisation to erect (Salle Verte) Tent for Wedding or other ceremony on road

Rs 1000 per day for half / full width obstruction

Address correspondence for request to obstruct part or full width of road to the Chief Executive

Mr N. Boodhoo for Bambous, Beaux-Songes, Cascavelle, Flic-en-Flac, Gros Cailloux and Canot

Mr Joomratty for Albion, Petite Riviere and Richelieu

Mr Sivadilingom for Tamarin, Grande Riviere Noire, Petite Riviere Noire, Case-Noyale, La gaulette, Chamarel and Le Morne

Tel: 401-3100
6. Head of Public Infrastructure Department

The department is under the responsibility of the Head Public Infrastructure Department who is directly responsible to the Chief Executive for the overall administration, discipline of staff, and for the financial control of the Department. He also advises the Council on engineering matters.