The Chief Executive is the Chief Adviser of the Council in all matters falling within the purview of Local Government Legislations; He/ She exercises administrative and financial control to ensure,  that the provisions of Local Government Legislations are abided by;

He/ She furthermore ensure that decisions taken by the Council are in conformity with Local Government Legislations and the Local Government Act 2011;

The Chief Executive is responsible for timely consultation with the Ministry of Local Government and coordination with other Ministries or Government Departments

Somebody holding the post of Chief Executive should  ensure smooth running of the Human Resources Section of the Council and the coordination of the various services of the Council;

Implement decisions of the Council and of its Committees, as well as that of the Regional Cyclone Committee.

The Chief Executive is assisted in his/her administrative function by officers in the grade of Deputy Chief Executive and Assistant Chief Executive. Various other sections also fall under the Administration Department, viz, the Human Resources Section, the Information Technology Section, the Internal Audit Section, The Committee section, the Registry and the Typing Pool, as well as the newly created Legal Section. The Chief Executive also exercises control over all the other Departments.