The District Council of Black River area is the longest but 3rd largest district of the country. Located in the western part of the Island, it spreads over an area of 346 Km² and stretches over a distance of more than 60 Km. It has a population of about 65,420 inhabitants and 20,600 households.

The District Council of Black River was set up on 1st October 1989 and is the youngest of all local authorities of the country. Prior to its creation, the district of Black River was under the jurisdiction and administration of the Moka/Flacq and Grand Port/Savanne District Councils.


The  District Council of Black Rivercomprises 16 Village Councils namely:

Village Council Population Budget 2008/2009
Pailles 10,568 173,000
Richelieu 5,560 121,000
Petite Rivière 5,705 200,000
Albion 3,482 93,000
Gros Cailloux 3,595 101,000
Bambous 13,959 203,000
Cascavelle 2,788 102,000
Flic en Flac 2,150 123,000
Tamarin 4, 030 107,200
Grande Rivière Noire 2,525 99,800
Case Noyale 1,631 86,200
La Gaulette 2,370 99,400
Chamarel 771 93,800
Le Morne 1,411 78,800
Baie du Cap 2,330 85,800
Bel Ombre 2,545 90,200
65, 420 1,857,200




The District is connected mainly to Quatre Bornes and Port Louis by a Highway which together with all the other Main Roads are under the responsibility of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure. The secondary roads are being taken care of by the District Council. Almost all roads have been provided with street lighting.



All households have access to electricity and treated water (with perhaps the exception of only a few for specific reasons). Only a few localities are connected to the sewerage network. Government is planning to extend the network to the other areas shortly.



Private and public telephones are available in all the villages and are very accessible. At least 2 out of 5 households possess a mobile phone. I.T is making its way rapidly into the villages. Many households have now computers and can be connected to the Internet. However the use of fax is mostly limited to businesses and offices.



About 30% of the households have their own means of transport (cars, vans, 4×4 etc.). Some use motor or auto cycles. Bicycles are used mostly for errands within the village. Others use the public transport – buses and taxi cars. There are also some contract cars and buses.




Government secondary schools (colleges) – 2 in Bambous

1 in Pailles and

1 in La Gaulette.



There are 14 Government and 4 RCA primary schools in the District Council area.



In most of the primary schools there are pre-primary classes and in each village there is a number of privately owned such schools as well as nurseries.



There are two institutions, one at Bambous and the other at Case Noyale.



As far as tertiary education is concerned, students have to seek seats outside the district i.e. at the University of Mauritius (Réduit) and the University of Technology of Mauritius (Pointe aux Sables). There is also one Medical College at Belle Rive,  near Curepipe and one Dental College will be set up shortly. Distance learning is also offered by the MCA (Mauritius College of the Air). Finally many students seek admission in universities in foreign countries, like U.K, France, India, Russia, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Singapore, etc.


Football – 18

Volleyball – 14

Basket Ball – 2

Petanque – 5

Tennis Court – 1



Domino, carrom, cards, table tennis, pool (snooker), scrabble, badminton etc. are being practised in the Village Halls, Community and Youth Centres. Karaté, boxing, wrestling, judo are also practised in the villages.



Community Health Hospital – 1 at Grande Rivière Noire

Dispensaries – 6

Sanitary Office – 1 at Bambous



Banks – 4 at Le Morne, Tamarin, Flic en Flac and Bambous

Post Offices – 6

Social Security Offices – 2

Central Electricity Board Offices – 2

–  at La Mivoie, Tamarin

– and Royal Road, Bambous

Police Stations – 7

–  at Pailles, Petite Rivière, Albion, Bambous, Flic en Flac, Grande Rivière Noire and Bel Ombre



Catholic Churches – 13

Shivalas (Hindu Temples) – 4

Tamil Temples – 5

Marathi Temples – 2

Mosques – 10


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