Land Use and Planning

The Land Use and Planning Department (LUPD)
The Black River District Council was the first rural authority to set up a Planning Department which is now known as the Land Use & Planning Department (LUPD) under the Local Government Act 2011.

The LUPD is responsible for the following:

(i)    Monitoring development within the Black River District Council Area

(ii)    Receiving & Processing applications for Building & Land Use Permits

(iii)    Attending to complaints with respect to unlawful development and initiating legal action where required

(iv)    Making recommendations to

–    the Morcellement Board on applications for Morcellement permits
–    the Ministry of Agro-Industry & Food Security on applications for Land Conversion Permits
–    the Ministry of Environment & Sustainable Development on applications for  EIA License and PER

 Queries/ Advice:

To make an application for a Building and Land Use Permit consult the officers at the Planning Reception Desk or visit our website at Please also consult the Building and Land Use Permit Guide.
Advice on a proposed development:
For a major development consult the HLUPD on prior appointment
For a non-residential development consult a Planning Inspector
For a residential development consult the Building Inspector or the Work Inspector