The Welfare Department is staffed by one Principal Welfare Officer, one Senior Welfare Officer, one Welfare Officer and one Sewing Mistress.

The main activities of the department are:

– Planning, organisation, supervision and coordination of all welfare activities organised by the Council
-Responsible for the running of sewing classes dispensed in Village Halls.
-Coordinating educational Scholarship Schemes offered by the Council.
-Coordinating activities at National Level such as National Day / Divali / Christmas Celebrations and other festivals.
-Planning, organising and participating in twinning programmes and activities with Anse Boileau of Seychelles and Bras Panon of Reunion Island with which the Council is so far twinned.
-Collaborating with Village Councils, Sports Federations, “forces vives” and other ministries and departments for the organisation of sports,cultural,literary, religious and other recreational activities.
Contact Number: 401-3100
Fax: 452-0303